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Solo Emails

If you have your own email list, sending a solo mailing is by far the most effective strategy to generate quick profits. We have used the exact e-mail below to generate a sizeable amount of sales from our newsletter lists. This is a tested e-mail and it works. All you have to do is mail it out and see for yourself how it produces.


1) Insert your name where prompted to do so.

2) Replace the xxxxx's with your clickbank nickname.

3) Load it up into your autoresponder and broadcast it.

Subject Line: Meet The Person of Your Dreams


I have an exciting announcement for you today from one of my trusted colleagues, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones. I have Steve's permission to share it with you. He discusses an empowering product of his that he wants to share with you...



There's no better feeling than meeting that someone special. That person who catches your eye right away, who you can't stop thinking about, who you want to be near.

They give you butterflies. We all know how wonderful that feeling is, and how rare it is meet someone who truly captivates your interest.

It feels amazing, magical, even. You know that they would feel the same about you once they got to know you- the two of you would be perfect together.. So, why aren't you together?

It's obvious that there is something holding you back. Why don't you approach them? Because, unfortunately, the idea of approaching someone that you are so attracted to can be terrifying.

Even the most confident person in the world can be filled with self- doubt when they encounter someone special- no one wants to say or do the wrong thing, or act too quickly, or wait too long.

... But we've all seen those people who are (or at least seem) completely immune to feeling nervous. They can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, and successfully charm a complete stranger.

It's a pretty impressive scene to watch, and at some point or another, we have all wished that we could do the same thing when knew we would finally have a chance to talk with that man or woman that we would really like to be with.

They must have a secret reserve of confidence, wit, and charm that the rest of us don't have. They must have a secret that sets them free before the one they are interested in, instead of holding back when we see someone special, like most of us do.

How do people act so differently when they have butterflies, and how can you become one of those people to act on your feelings?

I have been empowering people all over the world to conquer their fears and achieve their dreams for many years. I have given people the power to unlock their full potential, whether they were looking to become wealthier, healthier, more confident, or attain balance in their lives.

Now, I have finally turned my attention to help people fall in love. Love is the most important thing in our lives, so I didn't release a product about such an important aspect of happiness until I knew I could deliver something truly special and different to my clients.

The Hypnotic Pickup Method is an intensive series of recordings that span over 6 hours. I will guide you through every step of the process, from perfecting the art of the pickup to dating successfully. No matter how you would like to continue with this special man or woman, you can put them under your spell.


You don't have to be scared or alone anymore! With one series to help you pick up men and another series to pick up women, you will learn exactly what to say and do and what to avoid saying and doing so your romance will go smoothly.

The Hypnotic Pickup Method offers everything you need to know to make the person of your dreams a reality in your life.


Here's why you must order today - I have priced this powerful system at what I consider to be a very generous and fair price...Now just $27.97! And in is only a market test. I will also be testing higher prices for this program.

Here's something you must realize - I reserve the right to jack up the price...probably by $20 any time without notice.  And, that could happen tomorrow, next week, or later today.

So, if you see that the investment is still just $27.97, please go ahead and order right now.

If you don't order, you'll end up paying more later. Please don't tell me I didn't warn you! So just take advantage of this offer today and get the "steal of a lifetime" by ordering today. Do it now.

Go NOW before I change my mind :-)

I want you to be successful.

Take your life to the next level!

To your success,



Disclosure: We are an affiliate of Steve G. Jones and receive a portion of each sale made via the links we provide to you.

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